Abhay Nayar


Interested in reverse engineering, malware analysis, systems programming. CTF player in team Cryptonite.


obsidian Notes and writeups on CTFs.
genesis Minimal OS written in Jack.
malware Malware research and analysis.
futsu Emulator for the Hack CPU.


2021-11-18 Implementing CHIP-8 in Jack
2021-06-06 Program too large
2020-11-15 Jimi Jam - Square CTF
2020-10-29 x96 - HackTheVote CTF
2020-09-10 prehistoric mario - ALLES! CTF
2020-07-12 Reverse-ing - TSG CTF
2020-07-05 Full Protection - ASIS CTF Quals
2020-01-26 InCTF Nationals 2019
2019-09-30 XXE Injection - Cisco SecCon CTF
2019-09-23 fmt0 & fmt1 - NaCTF