Cisco CTF 2019 (Finals)


I already wrote about one of the problems I solved in the qualifier round for this CTF. After about two weeks, I got an email informing me that I had qualified for the final round, for which I had to go to Cisco's Cessna Campus in Bangalore.

I was one of the top 17 out of 3000 students across the country.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to solve any problems in the final round. Although the problems in the final round weren't difficult, the main issue was the time limit. Unlike most CTFs I had played before (which go on for days) here we had only two hours to solve the given problems. After the CTF was over, I discussed with my fellow peers about the solutions and realized that there were at least three problems that were within my potential, but as luck would have it, I got stuck.

Nevertheless, I am glad to have met all the people I met because of this event. I met some of the brightest minds in CTFs from the most elite colleges in the country. The Cisco University Recruitment team (who conducted this event) were super kind and helpful. We got to meet the SVP of Enterprise Networks, Mr. Ravi Chandrasekaran (a very stimulating, albeit short interaction) and we also sat down for some talks at the security conference.