InCTF Nationals 2019 (Finals)


I individually came second in InCTF Nationals 2019. For the CTF write-ups you can head up to my repo.

The problem-set was relatively easy, so the most important thing to keep in mind was the workflow, and though I had worked a lot on my workflow leading up to the CTF, in the finals they didn't allow us to use our own systems. That is when I learned (to my grave disappointement) that Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't support the Super-D shortcut.

There were some other qualms as well, such as no 32-bit architecture support due to which almost nobody could do any of the pwning challenges. I followed online instructions on how to install the architecture but even then the sources were not there, luckily I was helped by who I later came to know was night_f0x. After coming back home I solved one of the pwning challenges that I was working on in the end. It was a simple format string attack but during the competition I couldn't solve it due to tiredness.

The CTF roughly ran from 9AM to 4PM and for people who where over-enthusiastic about it, we didn't even go for lunch. We ate some stuff that they brought in for us in the lab :) you can imagine that after such an elongated stress on the mind you wouldn't want to do anything, but winning the CTF gave me some energy to stay awake for the rest of the day.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Here I have only written about the final day but the rest of the days were perhaps more interesting. We had an attack-defense CTF the day before, and talks. Lots of amazing talks (you can find some mentions of those on my twitter page). There was a campfire as well, which for me was coincidentally also by night_f0x. All in all it was a great learning experience and more so a great way to network with fellow h4x0r5.