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An Invisible Metric


Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to Adobe Flash. The ease of development that Flash brought to me was one of the reasons why I spent a couple of years learning it and making weird games and animations in it.

Recently, I found some of my old Flash projects lying around and I started playing them in an online emulator.

Home screen for one of my Flash games

I spent a good amount of time playing the games (even though they were so bad) and then I remembered how I used to write ActionScript snippets for various things in my notebook (since I didn't always have access to a computer).

My coding notebook's first page

Then I wondered - Why was making those Flash games so much more fun than what I was doing now? One reason was that Flash was super cool :). But more importantly, nowadays I think too much before I start with any project.

I look at every new endeavour and think "how can this help me?" instead of "is this fun?". Which programming language should I use? Which IDE should I use? Will people on the internet like this? Will it look good on my CV? And many other questions that leave me in this loop of thinking too much and doing nothing.

So now I choose things that may not sound so prestigious to the onlooker, but sound fun to me. Once I stopped being concerned about labels or guarantees, I realized how easy it was to get by without them.

There are a lot of things I want to do, and a lot of things I want to explore. Getting really good at anything takes a long time. Making sure the journey is fun, not forced is important.