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Tsuyoku Naritai


Tsuyoku naritai is Japanese for "I want to become stronger."

As someone who is fond of Japanese culture, I've come across this phrase many times before. I recently read an article on it that I really liked:

The most important thing is that there should be progress. So long as you keep moving forward you will reach your destination; but if you stop moving you will never reach it.

What is it that allows us to fall into complacency? For me, I tend to get quite comfortable where I am, and it is only after a while that I get feedback that something is off.

You can't become stronger through wishful thinking. You need to put systems in place that tilt things in your favor. Building systems is not easy, and systems break down all the time. But that too is progress.

Doesn't matter how slow you're moving. As long as you are not making excuses and stagnating, you are becoming stronger.