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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


"Is it possible, in the final analysis, for one human being to attain perfect understanding of another?"

"Newly unemployed, I found this kind of life refreshing. No more commuting to work on jam-packed subways, no more meetings with people I didn't want to meet. And best of all, I could read any book I wanted, anytime I wanted."

"... I knew the names of all the brothers Karamazov. But none of these distinguishing characteristics was external."

"The variety of professions in this world was amazing, each assigned its place amidst the paper's neat rows, as on a graveyard map."

"Human beings were so strange. All you had to do was sit still for ten minutes, and you could see this amazing variety of greys."

"Think of all the hours left between now and the time sun goes down", she said, without looking at me. "True," I said. "Lots of hours."